It all started when…

Advanced Image Enhancement's (AIE) core technology evolved from proprietary United States Navy signal and image processing research utilized for the detection, classification and localization of undersea mines.  AIE holds the exclusive license on U.S. and European granted digital image enhancement patents. The Company utilized this technology as the baseline and further developed innovative image processing algorithms for enhancing subtle lesions in digital mammograms as its first product and enhancing abnormalities in general radiology images. AIE aims to provide physicians with every possible advantage in the screening and diagnosis of breast cancer and other anatomical diseases.

Undersea Mine Detection to Mammography

Finding a tethered mine in a complex ocean environment; a subtle lesion in dense breast tissue; a small lung nodule in a chest x-ray; or a hairline fracture in an orthopedic x-ray; is all made possible by the power of AIE's wavelet based image enhancement. The AIE technology works in complement with existing vendor images; uncovering important features in challenging images that are present but subtle. AIE's first application in digital mammography enhancement creates visually sharp and detailed images to help physicians improve the screening and diagnosis of breast cancer.

Complementing Artificial Intelligence Applications

AIE has conducted further clinical evaluations in general radiology studies; further demonstrating that the AIE enhancement is scalable towards any digital image or image segment that could benefit from improved clarity and detail. AIE is interested in focusing it’s technology in complementing future AI applications. See Our Gallery Page for examples.


Benefits of aie Enhancement

  • Provides a powerful complement to Artificial Intelligence

  • Improved Visibility of AI flagged Regions of Interest

  • Supports Radiologists Assessment in Characterizing True Positives versus False Positives

  • See Our Gallery Page for Examples

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  • Clinical Studies have Shown AIE Enhancement:

    • Consistently improves the conspicuity and detail of abnormalities

    • Increases Radiologists' confidence in coming to their conclusions

    • Improves clarity in images with dense breast tissue

  • FDA cleared 510K - September 2006

  • Initial product launch in QTR4 2009 with Hologic